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Our associates deal with cases according to the nature of the task which is requested, each of them having their own specificity.
They are in direct relation with the debtor who is kept informed about the state of the case at each stage of the proceedings.
The collection of the debt is arranged by them so as to always protect the interest of the claim.
They make use of the procedural techniques proposed by the Law, knowing how to assess which are the most appropriate according to the debtor's situation.

Whether the case concerns unpaid rent, bills or maintenance allowances or any property to be recovered, they collaborate with their partners, some of them within our practice, others operating on the spot.

We do everything that is possible to locate people and carry out information searches concerning possessions in order to cover the debt


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Recovering a Debt


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Lease dwellings - commercial - professional
Procedure of non-paid rents
Recovering a Debt

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Bailiff exam graduate

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Recovering of social security contributions
Recovering a Debt

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