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Elected representatives, company directors, professional people, shopkeepers, tradesmen, private individuals, you may all call on a bailiff's services.

ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES: for public worksthe invitation to tender guarantees openness and impartiality: the bailiff's affidavit enables the elected representative to justify the legality of the operations.

COMPANY DIRECTORS : before any roadworks on the public highway, the company must protect itself from local residents' action: a bailiff's affidavit fixes a description of the buildings along the road.

REAL-ESTATE PROFESSIONALS : the display of permission for planning, demolition or selling by lots is required. A bailiff's affidavit is essential to prove that this legal obligation is respected.

SHOPKEEPERS - TRADESMEN : if goods or supplies are delivered damaged, before protesting to the supplier, a bailiff's affidavit describes the deteriorations.

LANDLORDS-RENTERS : the rented premises must be described as soon as the renter enters and also when they leave. The affidavit established by the bailiff authenticates, in an objective manner, the inventory of fixtures.

ASSOCIATIONS : lottery competitions are subject to very strict regulations. A bailiff's affidavit ensures that the organizers respect the Law.

PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS : before any legal proceedings, the bailiff's affidavit will be the proof to support your request for compensation (after damage to a property, damage to a party wall, non-respect of the rules of good neighbourliness)

CREATORS-INVENTORS : a bailiff's act legally dates the day on which your documents were deposited.

COHABITEES-COUPLES : A bailiff's affidavit provides an inventory of your personal property in meticulous detail.


We are at your disposal to help you budget for each mission by sending you an estimate based on the bailiff's rates fixed by Law (Decree n° 96-1080 of 12 December 1996 - Law n° 99-957 Decree 2001-212 of 8 March 2001)

In an urgent situation, we can immediately set up the useful guarantees to preserve the claim (mortgage registration on a personal property, a security registration on a business, any protective measure on a property while waiting for a court order).

In the case of an unpaid cheque, a quick procedure enables us to establish the court order necessary to take action on the debtor's property.

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